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What is a share house?

What is a share house?

Share house is a house which residents have their own private room and at the same time, having common spaces within the house where residents can engage, exchange and share their exciting life together. In Japan, a share house might not exactly be a house itself, but a bigger than usual property with around 10 to 20 private rooms in that property and with share spaces.

So, what are the shared spaces like, you ask. Shared space in a share house are facilities and spaces like the living room where the residents can hang out together, facilities and spaces like the kitchen where residents can cook together and taste foods all around the world in one place, Amazing!

In a share house, you can meet a lot of people coming from different countries, backgrounds, cultures, hobbies and interests. Although everyone is different from one another, hang on there, don’t forget that you all have something in common which are you are interested in Japan and you are here to start a new life.

If you are looking for a place to meet new people, making new friends and expanding your network friendship, but at the same time, would like to have some privacy and personal time for yourself, a share house would be a great place for you which it accommodates all of your needs.

A share house’s spaces and facilities

share house outlook
The outlook

Share house is too cheap to be true

In short, only the rent + maintenance fee and deposit.

After getting to know what a share house is like and understanding the benefits you will be gaining, how much will it cost you, you wonder. You will be surprised!

If you have contacted some of the Japanese real estate company for apartment information, you will know that to move into an apartment in Japan, you need to pay for the key money, gift money, guarantor company, cleaning fee, etc. which cost you a lot of expenses in the start.

We heard you!
To move into a share house, all you need to prepare are the rent, maintenance fee and deposit.

Our share houses are fully furnished with the daily life furniture and home appliances that you need. For example, washing machine, drying machine, fridge, curtains, beds, table and chair set, and Wi-Fi internet connection.

All you need is to bring your luggage bag and move in right away.

In recent years, share house has been a popular accommodation option for not only foreigners, but also for local Japanese. Japanese has been known as shy and less spoken when come to meet foreigners. However, in recent years, Japanese has slowly started to open up and willing to meet and accept foreigners. Besides that, they are interested in learning foreign languages and cultures. For foreigners, despite coming all the way to Japan, living in an apartment by oneself can hardly has the chance to make Japanese friend. So, why let the opportunity slips off you hand when you can stay with the local Japanese to learn the language and cultures from them?

Therefore, both Japanese and foreign residents can have the chances to get to understand each other cultures and learn languages from each other by staying under the same roof in a share house.

Besides exchanging culture, meeting new people from countries across the world, and learning different languages, the inexpensive price of share house is also what makes it popular. There is no such fees as key money or agency commission fee. Not to mention, residents do not have to prepare for furniture as well. For foreigners and young Japanese who are studying in universities or just started working in the society, this is an easy and smooth start up for you.

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