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Share House – Know How to Choose One in Japan

Share House – Know How to Choose One in Japan

The number of share houses has been increasing in recent years, hence, there are many different types, concepts and rules for different share house. Searching the right one for yourself is very important as you will be staying for months and sometimes a year or two, depending on the contract that you sign.

Before you started searching for one, you should have a checklist such as your priorities, locations, the design, concept and the fees for the share house.

We have come out with a few factors below which can help you doing some consideration in choosing the right share house for yourself.

1.Set your Budget

First things first, figure out what you can afford. Since you are already at this stage which you have decided to stay in a share house, the utilities or some called it maintenance fees are already fixed at a certain amount. This makes things a lot easier for you when come to calculation of your expenses. To save yourself from paying cheque or credit cards bills, ensure that you still have enough for daily expenses for the rest of the month. Try to have some extra to prepare for the unexpected such as a short trip or a night out.

Be rational and don’t over-committing yourself and realizing that you can hardly afford both rent and food at the end of the day.


2. List Your Priorities

Before spending tons of time browsing the internet searching for a share house for yourself, or contacting any agency or company, list down what you are looking for in a share house first. Knowing what you are looking for in a share house can save a lot of your time when browsing for one in the internet later. Or if you choose to contact an agency company, with your priorities and requirements in hands, agency company such as us, will be able to introduce the one that suit you and your priorities the most. So, help us to help saving your time.


3. Choose the Area You Like

There are 3 main things that you need to consider when comes to choosing the area to live in.

Budget, commuting time & expenses

First, it is your budget. We all know it would be nice to live in a brand new, modern, close to city and entertaining area. However, it my not be realistic just yet. Start searching with your preferred area or search based on train station. From there, add a few more nearby areas or few stations away. Be reminded, Japan has a very convenient commuting service. So, few stations away really don’t make your life any harder.

Secondly, try to find a balance between the rent and the commuting time and expenses. Living in a share house at the edge of city may save you a lot from the rent but remember to think about the commuting time and expenses to your workplace or university as these are the area that you will be going to on daily basis.

Budget, commuting time & expenses for Share House

4. Visit the Share House If Possible

If you are already in Japan, once you found the share house that you are interested in through the internet or through us, schedule to visit the share house as soon as possible with us. As you know, the best property listings will not last long until the next tenant looking for it. So, don’t delay or hesitate to contact us to inspect the share house. Remember to be flexible and provide a few timeslots when scheduling the time for the inspection with us. You can also schedule to visit a few share houses with us in the same day. If you are not yet personally in Japan, request as much photos about the share house from us, so you know what you are getting.


5. Asking the Right Questions

Prepare a list of questions like the numbers of people staying in the share house, numbers of washing machine, drying machine, etc. These are all the daily living needs that you will be sharing with other residents in the share house. In order not to have any surprise after living in the share house, have a confirmation of the facilities and ask questions about them with us.

If you have already scheduled a time to inspect the share house with us, you should also prepare some questions that you want to ask during the inspection. After confirming all these basic needs about the share house, during the inspection, if you get to meet some residents from the share house, you should ask them questions about the share house and their experience in living in there. Try to have a little chit chat with them as these are the people you will be living together with, so, it is always important to know who you are going to live with.

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