How it works

Step 1 – Inquiry

Contact us through the chat system on your bottom right corner, or send us your inquiry Here, or through our Facebook Page. Our bilingual agents will take care of your concerns and requirements.

Step 2 – Discussion & Introducing Accommodation

Based on your requirement, we will introduce you the right accommodation to you.

Step 3 – Viewing of Property

We will make all the arrangements for viewing the apartment or share house and will try to fit your schedule best. When viewing the properties, make sure the check the sunlight and layout. There may be a few questions arise when you visit the properties. Please do not hesitate to ask us because we are always there to help you.

Step 4 – Explanation & Signing of Agreement

Once you have decided the apartment or share house that you are satisfied with, we will be preparing the lease agreement for you. The lease agreement will most often be in Japanese and will be signed under Japanese law. However, there are cases where an English translated lease agreement is available. Rest assure, even though the contract is in Japanese, we will explain them to you in English too.

Step 5 – Move in

The move in date is specified in the lease agreement and should be confirmed when you are signing the lease agreement. It is recommended you make arrangements in advance to sign up for utilities and internet. No worries, we will assist you on this as well.

Do not have time to discuss with us now?
No worries.

Leave your contact Here and we will contact you within the same day during business days.