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7 Things You Need When Renting an Apartment in Tokyo – Usually

7 Things You Need When Renting an Apartment in Tokyo – Usually



  1. Passport or Zai Riu Card (在留カード)

In order to apply for an apartment or share house in Japan, you need to provide either one forms of official identification, your passport or your Zai Riu Card (在留カード).  When signing the contract, the agent will need to make a photocopy of your passport or Zai Riu Card. So, make sure you bring it with you.


  1. Japanese Bank Account

You don’t need one when you just started to look for apartments or a share houses. However, you will need one when on the day you sign your agreement with the agency company. Most of the real estate agency company will require you to have one Japanese bank account so that every month on the said date, the rent will be auto-transferred to the agency company or the house owner’s bank account.


  1. Phone Number in Japan

You will need a phone number where your agent can contact you. While in some rare cases and the early stage, a networking application named Line will be used as a replacement of phone calling as well. You just have to make sure you have mobile data and register an account in the application. Moreover, it is more convenient when your agent can send you some pictures through Line. However, at the stage of signing contract, you should have one Japanese phone number already as it is a more official form of contact in everywhere in the world.


  1. Employment Letter or Recent Pay Slips

Often your employment letter will show your salary information but you should also prepare a copy of your recent pay slips. All these are to prove that you can afford to pay for your monthly rent.


  1. Emergency Contact

In case of anything happens to you, it is always good to have an emergency contact so that the real estate company can reach out to someone that is connected to you. Usually family member is required even though it is overseas. The emergency contact person will not be involved in money issue, let’s say if rent was not being paid on time. The guarantor (No.6) will only be the one involve in this kind of matter.


  1. Guarantor

When renting an apartment or a share house in Japan, even though you are able to prove that you can afford to pay your rent, with a full time job, you still need a guarantor who will be responsible for the rent if you can’t pay your rent. Besides that, the guarantor needs to be local Japanese. If you are not able to find a Japanese to be your guarantor, the real estate company will required you to register with their partnered guarantor company and there will be a charges around 40%~50% of your monthly rent. So, do not worry if you don’t have one.


  1. Money

Yes, money. Just make sure you have enough money.




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